My Wife Is Unconventional And Yet Ultimately Wise


My wife is unconventional and yet ultimately wise.

When I was courting her, she apparently saw through my female mind control tactics, recognizing them from a mile away.

Yet, she ran with it, because she liked me and felt the spark and chemistry between us. We fell for one another and got married, even having a few kids.

Our last kid turned out to be a problem.

Maybe it was seeing the older siblings leave for college with her having years left with us, or maybe we were just slacking off as parents with our last and surprise kid. Whatever the case, our daughter was quite the wild one.

I had been successful as a father with her older brothers, but maybe that was a problem this time?

I was treating her like a son? I tried backing off and letting my wife handle things, but she didn’t make much progress.

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That’s when she suggested I go back to my old female mind control tactics and use them on our daughter.

I was taken aback at first. I’d learned dating techniques, which seemed really inappropriate for our daughter, but I soon learned she was just lacking in confidence and self-esteem, and I boosted those quickly and comfortably.

She’s quite an accomplished young woman now.

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