7 keys to getting, and maintaining, and excellent digestion



I’ve got some good news… and some bad news.


Let’s go with the Good News first!


When you join me in my “Complete Detox Academy Online Course and Coaching Program” (Click Here for details) I’ve also decided to include access to…


Bonus Module: Bad Estrogen Cleansing


Did you know that the average middle age man actually has more estrogen in their body then their wife? 


Or, that western medicine attributes excess levels of the wrong estrogen to many types of hormonal c*****, especially in women?


Whether it’s robbing men of their masculinity, or robbing women of their lives, Excess Bad Estrogen is seriously bad news.


It can build up in our bodies through excess xeno (fake) estrogens from plastic, or highly estrogenic food, like Soy. And, it can build up through hormonal imbalance, often involving excess sugar use, excess chronic stress and an unhealthy lifestyle.


Is it possible to Detox those Bad Estrogens? Absolutely, and this Bonus Module in Complete Detox Academy will show you exactly how, and when!


Bonus Module: Parasite/Candida Cleansing


Do you find that, with your health, no matter what you do, whenever you take two steps forward, you’ll soon find yourself taking two steps back and again?


Do you find that real progress isn’t lasting?


Do you feel cravings for things that aren’t good for you, especially sweet foods and alcohol?


Then this cleanse is going to be life changing for you.


Contrary to the way it’s often viewed, Candida is just another parasite, one of many. Types of parasites include: viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, molds, nanobacteria, protozoa and worms.


It’s natural to some amount of most of these in the body, the real trouble comes when you have more than your immune system can handle. Contrary to popular belief, new research indicates we can actually be born with these things.


In this Bonus Module, you’ll learn how to truly rid yourself on a problem that you may have had going back years, decades, or even several generations.


Bonus Module: Healing Food Intolerances


Isn’t it frustrating when the foods you love, some of which are even supposed to be good for you, given you a bad reaction?


This is a classic sign of an excess of toxicity in the liver, and an overworked immune system.

With this bonus Module, you’ll learn exactly how to permanently free yourself of food intolerances.


When I first started this journey, I felt like I couldn’t eat anything without risking feeling ill. Now, I’m fine with everything I want to eat.

What a relief!


This Bonus will help you get the same result!


Bonus Module: Improving Digestion

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Many health experts state that all health problems start off with bad digestion.


In this module, you’ll learn the 7 keys to getting, and maintaining, and excellent digestion, and be free of abdominal discomfort, gas, bloating, constipation, leaky gut, acid reflux and other digestive disturbances.


Bonus Module: Thyroid Detox


While you thyroid isn’t a gland dedicated to detox, it is dedicated to:


1 Maintaining your metabolism. 
2 Creating Energy.


The problem is, it’s also acts as a magnet for toxins in your body, especially the ‘Halogens’ and other toxic metals.


In this Module, you’ll learn exactly how, and when you clear out this very important gland. Warning: this will not be medical advice.


If you have a medical issue with your thyroid, you must consult your doctor about any and all changes.